Our range of compaction technologies for every budget

Macpactor manufactures a range of patented compaction technologies which facilitate the compaction of a wide range of materials, leading to greater productivity and cost savings.

Fit and Forget

  • Maximum demolition
  • The elimination of side slippage when working across the face
  • The surface finish is improved, saving on cover
  • Cleat with high abrasion resistance
  • 7,8 and 10inch height options

Soil Compaction Wheels

Soil Compaction 

  • New MACPACTOR Apex replacement tips
  • New tip saddles
  • Complete rebuild with new wrappers
  • Conversion Kits available
Side view of M-Blade

Semi-U / M-Blade 

  • Strong rigid construction
  • Multi-angled design
  • Fits ALL landfill compactors / dozers
  • Channels waste directly infront of compactor wheels
Fully extended arm with Compax wheel

Compax Wheel System 

  • Maximise container payload and reduce transport costs by 75%
  • Eliminate container damage
  • Fits all makes of 360 ̊excavator
  • Simple robust design
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick hitch compatible

Has your machine reached its service life or are you looking for an upgrade?